Carnivores by Aaron Reynolds

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Grade Level
Elementary School
STEM Concepts
Biology, Adaptation, Camouflage, The Food Chain, Nutrition, Predator/Prey Relationships

The lion is the king of the jungle!
The great white shark is sovereign of the seas!
The timber wolf is emperor of the forests!
But . . . it’s lonely at the top of the food chain. It’s difficult to fit in when plant eaters can be so cruel—just because you ate a relative of theirs that one time! What’s a carnivore to do?

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Aaron Reynolds at NIU’s STEMfest

STEMfest 2014 was a great success! We had many great speakers, including Aaron Reynolds, author of the book Carnivores. See Aaron talk about the event and read part of his great book!

Biting into Carnivores!

STEM Read visited the Midwest Museum of Natural History in Sycamore, Illinois. We talked to executive director Cindy Chang about cool, meat-eating creatures.

How to Spot a Carnivore

STEM Read visited the Midwest Museum of Natural History in Sycamore, Illinois, to talk to executive director Cindy Chang about the differences between carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores.

Owls are Carnivores Too!

Executive director of the Midwest Museum of Natural History in Sycamore, Illinois, Cindy Chang, tells us about one of the stars of the book: the owl! Yum!

Pleased to Meat You: Carnivores with Chef Chad

We visited Tapa La Luna in DeKalb, Illinois, to talk to Chef Chad about cooking meat and eating like a carnivore!

Vegging Out with the Pita Prince

We visited Pita Pete’s in DeKalb, Illinois, to talk to Patrick “the Pita Prince” about cooking vegetarian, being a vegan, and forming eco-friendly eating habits.

Vegetables? You've Gotta be Kitten Me!

When you put Sara, a vegetarian, and Birdie, an average carnivorous cat, in the same house, you sure can bet there will be crazy shenanigans afoot. How will this odd couple ever decide what to eat?


Check out photos from our Glen Ellyn Carnivores event in our Carnivores photo gallery.

Glen Ellyn Carnivores Image

Let’s talk about food. We all like to eat!

Learn all about carnivores, omnivores, herbivores, and more!  In this game, you’ll discover how to spot the different kinds of consumers and learn how all of the parts of the food chain depend on one another.  Find out what some animals like to eat, and how others try to prevent themselves from becoming the next meal.



Idea Sparks and Mini Lessons

These questions, prompts, and short activities provide quick ways to inspire interest and explore the STEAM concepts related to the book. Idea Sparks and Mini Lessons can also be used for differentiation and to foster new ideas of your own.

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Bringing Out Your Wild Side

In Aaron Reynolds’ Carnivores, carnivores try to disguise themselves as other types of consumers to blend in. In this lesson, participants will learn about different types of producers and consumers and create their own animal disguises. They will play an online game and watch expert videos to learn about the characteristics of herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores.

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Animals as Inspiration

Carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores each have a unique set of features that help them survive, and thrive. In this lesson, students will develop questions about human problems that can be solved using some of the features of animals. They will then design and create an object or tool that mimics an animal’s features utilizing the Engineering Design Cycle.

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Video Discussion Guide

Watch the videos and then use these questions to facilitate classroom discussions about the topics presented.

Download the Video Discussion Guide.

About the Author

An image of author Aaron ReynoldsAaron Reynolds

Aaron Reynolds is a New York Times Bestselling Author of many highly acclaimed books for kids, including Carnivores, Chicks and Salsa, Joey Fly, Private Eye, and the Caldecott Honor winning Creepy Carrots! He frequently visits schools and his highly participatory presentations are a blast for kids and teachers alike. He lives in the Chicago area with his wife, two kids, four cats, and between three and ten fish, depending on the day. Other books by Aaron include Creepy Carrots, Dude!and Nerdy Birdy Tweets.

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