Canned Goods: Stuffed Bunny Science Read-Alouds – The Toy and the Tide Pool

by STEM Read staff

Glad Tidings and best fishes to everyone learning from home! Author and STEM Read Director Gillian King-Cargile is back with a read-aloud of The Toy and the Tide Pool, Book Two in the Stuffed Bunny Science Adventure Series.

In this book, Bear gets lost at the beach and befriends Princess Shelleena, a mermaid doll. He learns about tides and the fascinating creatures who call tide pools their home. But can Bear’s new friend help him find a way to signal for help before the high tide sweeps him out to sea? This silly, salty adventure introduces young readers to interesting ocean animals and helps them understand concepts of biodiversity and earth system science.

After you listen to the book, you can check out related games and activities here, which include an interactive game about tide pools, interviews with author Gillian King-Cargile and illustrator Kevin Krull, educator idea sparks and mini-lessons, and more.

If your little beach bums are ready to dive into more fun with ocean creatures, try creating your own model of a tide pool animal. You can choose one from the book or research another unique creature.

Look online for more pictures and information on your favorite creature. Gillian and Kevin both researched real sea creatures when they were working on this book. Gillian also talked to several marine biologists, scientists who study the ocean and its creatures. You can learn more about some of the creatures featured in the book in the pictures below.

For more inspiration, some of Gillian’s favorite books about sea creatures include Who Would Win? Ultimate Ocean Rumble by Jerry Pallotta, The Blobfish Book by Jessica Olien, and Giant Squid by Candace Flemming.

Once you know what the creature looks like and how its body works, search around the house for things you can use to make a model.

  • Be creative! Hold different items in your hands and see what reminds you of the creature’s physical traits, texture, and colors.  
  • Get slimy! The ocean is filled with slick, slippery sea life. Maybe homemade slime and a Ziplock bag can become a sea cucumber.
  • Get sticky! Wrapping masking tape around tightly-wrapped newspaper is a great way to make a quick and clean sculpture.
  • Be silly! Turn your family’s old or holey socks into a socktopus!

Maybe your research and your model creature will inspire you to write your own salty, sandy, sciencey story. Enjoy your learning adventure and remember to watch out for sea gulls!