The Only Ones by Aaron Starmer

When nearly everyone in the world vanishes, Martin Maple makes his way to a village of children who have been forgotten. Each child has their own role to play in the new society. Some grow food, some make giant Rube Goldberg machines to entertain people, some build a paper version of the internet. Martin will build a machine. He doesn’t know where the rest of the world went, but he’s pretty sure it’s his fault they’re gone, and it’s his responsibility to bring them back. At The Only Ones: The STEM Read Experience, students learned from STEM experts, met author Aaron Starmer and worked in teams to solve a series of challenges, complete Martin’s machine, and save the world. Concepts covered at this field trip included, pure research, Rube Goldberg machines, mechanical engineering, computational thinking, ethics, the physics of time, and agriculture.

STEM Read offers The Only Ones: The STEM Read Experience as a customizable field trip schools can book through our Field Trips From the Vault program.