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By Gillian King-Cargile, STEM Read Director

Season 2 of The STEM Read Podcast

The latest episode of the STEM Read Podcast is here! Keep reading for details on our talk with author Mike Mullin and bicycle engineer Craig DeAmbrose. And now is the time to catch up on Season 2 of our podcast. So far, we’ve talked to Andy WeirDr. Joe MaglianoJennifer L. HolmFilament Games, and Lex Thomas about everything from the future of science fiction to the danger of seductive details to the best chainsaw fights in fiction. We’ve also got more great episodes coming up with authors Kiersten WhitePeter BrownBrendan Wenzel, and more!

Here’s a little bit about our latest episode with author Mike Mullin and bicycle engineer Craig DeAmbrose.

Episode 14: Revisions in Writing, Engineering, and Life with Craig DeAmbrose and Mike Mullin 

On this episode, Gillian and Kristin explore the similarities between creative and technical processes with bicycle engineer Craig DeAmbrose and author Mike Mullin. Mullin’s newest book Surface Tension tells the story of a teen cyclist who suffers a traumatic brain injury after witnessing a terrorist attack. No one believes his memories of the events except the terrorists who are trying to silence him for good. This fast-paced story was the perfect backdrop for us to explore how people construct everything from stories to simple machines to their own careers. Listen now

STEM Read was so excited about Surface Tension that we worked with Tanglewood Press to create the free Educator’s Activity Guide.

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