Podcast Episode #15: Pangolin Party with Brendan Wenzel and Brookfield Zoo

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By Gillian King-Cargile, Director & Founder of STEM Read

In honor of World Pangolin Day we’re talking to a special group of people who are passionate about pangolins: mammals with scales. Pangolins look like armored anteaters. They evolved to be lion proof. They’re scaly, solitary, and adorable, but they’re also the most heavily trafficked animals in the world. We’ll talk to author and illustrator Brendan Wenzel about his books Hello, Helloand They All Saw a Catand hear how he uses his whimsical work to introduce children to biodiversity. Then we’ll head to the International Pangolin Symposium, which was held at Brookfield Zoo. We talk to Dr. Jumi, Chair of the Pangolin Conservation Working Group Nigeria about her efforts to protect and study pangolins. And we’ll meet Dr. Copper, Veterinarian of Zoological Medicine, and Amy Roberts, Senior Curator of Mammals, who are part of Brookfield Zoo’s Pangolin team. Listen to the episode. 

These interviews were conducted with STEM Read’s friend and collaborator Dr. Melanie Koss, from NIU’s Department of Literacy. In addition to her vast knowledge of children’s literature, Melanie has a background in biology and a deep love for adorable endangered animals.

Sit back and get ready to say “Hello, Hello” to our pangolin loving pals.

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Brendan Wenzel

Dr. Jumi

Brookfield Zoo Staff