Quarantine Costume Contest: Winners Announced!

By The STEM Read Staff

Congratulations to our Quarantine Costume Contestants! The STEM Read team had a blast seeing all of the quirky and creative entries! We had our favorites, but the ultimate decision came down to Lex Hrabe and Thomas Voorhies, writing team Lex Thomas, whose book Quarantine: The Loners inspired the competition.

Here’s their message:

Thanks to everyone who submitted their Quarantine-inspired costume pics. It’s good to know that a real-life quarantine can’t crush creativity! Congrats to Crystal, who combined three elements to make a seriously impressive costume: 1) Character backstory 2) Functionality 3) Visual pop! We wouldn’t want to tangle with that dual-purpose cutlery. Between protective padding, battle scars, and that rad bike, we totally believed that Crystal could hold her own in McKinley High. Well done!

-Lex and Tom

The Winner: Crystal H.

Crystal’s Winning Entry: My character uses my bike to sweep in quickly to collect as much food as possible. I use cookware and kitchen utensils as protection and for easy access for meals.

Crystal will receive e-books of the complete Quarantine Series (Quarantine: The Loners, Quarantine: The Saints, Quarantine: The Burnouts, and Quarantine: The Giant), generously provided by Lerner Publishing Group.

Because of their cleverness and ingenuity, we also want to recognize Katherine and Parker as the contest runners-up.

The Runners Up: Katherine and Parker

Katherine and Parker imagined costumes based on the Geeks: “We both thought of a bright color shirt and a darker long sleeve underneath. This was paired with the accessories we thought stood out and made a statement like Zachary’s cape. We also thought that we could use the toilet paper as a tool to barter with, like a currency.”

Even if you missed the Quarantine Costume Contest this time around, you can still hold your own costume design challenge with your class or your friends. The Quarantine Costume Contest activity is part of the STEM Read Canned Goods series: non-perishable e-learning activities teachers can drop into lessons and parents can use to keep kids engaged. Look for the Canned Goods posts to find quick, fun, stemtastic activities that adhere to state standards.

Look for more ideas in our other posts and full lesson plans and videos on our Book and Educator pages.

Thanks again to our friends Lex Thomas and Lerner Publishing Group!