Register for Future Telling: Greening Our Future with Jeff VanderMeer

Human versus Nature is one of literature’s classic themes, but somewhere around the industrial revolution, human gained an unfair advantage in that battle. Nature is on the ropes. Climate disruption, rising sea levels, and novel diseases are making it clear that if we truly defeat nature, everyone loses.

In our latest Future Telling webinar, host Gillian King-Cargile will talk to meteorologist Victor Gensini and mechanical engineer John Shelton, who are exploring human impact on the environment, researching ways to mitigate the damage and laying groundwork for a more sustainable future. We’ll also talk to author Jeff VanderMeer, whose writing explores themes related to the environment, animals and our future. VanderMeer has been called “the weird Thoreau” by The New Yorker. His books, like Annihilation and Hummingbird Salamander, imagine worlds where nature is more than just a backdrop; it’s an active entity that has decided to fight back. After the panel discussion, the audience is invited to participate in a Q&A with the scientists.

The Future Telling events are a collaboration between Northern Illinois University’s STEM Read and the NIU Libraries. These fun, fast-paced webinars include panel discussions and Q&As with authors and experts about hot topics in researching and writing science fiction. Our goal is to introduce writers to bleeding-edge concepts, to invigorate STEM experts with mind-bending views of the future, and to celebrate the connections between STEM and storytelling.

Thanks to the generosity of the Friends of the NIU Libraries, we are able to offer this webinar free of charge. Please register in advance to confirm your attendance.

The event will also be recorded and posted to our YouTube playlist and the Future Telling website, where you can find recordings of all of our past webinars.