STEM Read Podcast: The Sky Isn’t the Limit

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Pictures of Mishall Ashemimry and Suzanne Slade over the

Mishaal Ashemimry and Suzanne Slade are two women who looked up at the sky and were determined to understand it.

Ashemimry is helping people explore space in her work as an aerospace engineer, an entrepreneur, and the first Saudi woman to work for NASA. She started her own rocket company at age 26 and works to inspire girls to pursue STEM Careers.

Slade has a degree in engineering and worked on Delta and Titan rockets before becoming an author. She has written over 150 children’s books, many of which explore the history of space exploration. Her newest book Mars Is shares amazing images being captured by NASA’s HiRISE Camera, which is orbiting Mars.

Host Gillian King-Cargile (@gkingcargile) interviews these impressive women about their amazing careers, their advice for young people, and their love all things space.