The STEM Read Podcast: The Space Station Mom And The Stunt Woman

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By STEM Read Staff

On May 30, 2020, The United States launched a manned spacecraft into low-earth orbit for the first time in nine years. SpaceX is now the first private company to launch NASA astronauts into space from US soil. The astronauts are heading to the International Space Station. And how did this happen? With a whole lot of math. As we celebrate this historic flight that could be the next step in human exploration of the Moon and even Mars, we’re highlighting two women whose love of math took them on unexpected journeys of their own.

Picture of rocket launch
SpaceX launches manned mission to International Space Station, May 30, 2020.
Credit NASA

Host Gillian King-Cargile (@gkingcargile) and Kristin Brynteson (@kbrynteson) talk with NASA’s Ryan Prouty. Ryan Prouty is now the Assistant Director for Strategy and Vision at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. But for the past 23 years, she was a key team member and then leader of NASA’s International Space Station Program.

Then, Gillian talks to S.L. Huang (@sl_huang) whose own love of math took her from MIT to a career as a Hollywood stuntwoman. Huang now shares her love of math through action-packed sci-fi books about math genius and mercenary Cas Russell. The latest in the series is Critical Point from Tor Books.

Enjoy the episode and remember, next time a student whines, “When am I going to use this?” you can answer, “When you’re packing for space or writing a sci-fi novel about math and guns, Timmy!”